It's even worse than it appears..
My address on Threads.#
Has anyone found any indication of an API as part of Threads?#
I've been developing a new thread-authoring and publishing tool for Bluesky. Looking for people who are good at reporting bugs to try it, report on the experience. Looking for deal-stoppers, important things that don't work. If you have time today to try it, please send email. Thanks!#
Maybe the inflation was caused by disruptions in the supply system due to Covid. Maybe all we had to do was wait for the system to come back online, modulo the greed of businesses to increase profits with the air cover of "oh it's the inflation you know."#
Does Facebook with their new "threads" social network plan to fill the API Gap left by Twitter kicking the devs under the bus? Will Facebook love devs more?#
  • No web browser interface?#
  • Tons of bugs! Surprising they shipped in this shape.#
  • Bait and switch -- ActivityPub support real soon now. #
  • I don't like Facebook the company. "Meta" is bullshit. #
  • If they don't get a browser interface I doubt if I'm going to be a regular.#
  • Yes I know the kids think browsers are for boomers. I don't care.#
  • Here's my address on Threads.#
  • Has anyone found any indication of an API as part of Threads?#
  • I wonder what dogs think fireworks are.#
  • I tell you what I think -- I think they're boring and stupid, and when the climate crisis is in full swing we'll look back and wonder how we came up with the idea of adding more smoke to the air as entertainment. #
  • I went to the fireworks in NY harbor in 1976, the 200th birthday of America. It was supposed to be this amazing thing. I thought meh. What. Why? Bullshit!#
  • The answer is of course before tv, radio, videogames, social networks, air travel, space travel, fireworks were exciting technology displays.#
  • Today? No.#

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