It's even worse than it appears..
Tuesday July 11, 2023; 9:13 AM EDT
  • FeedLand now does a better job with posts without titles.#
  • Here's a screen shot of two posts in a timeline, neither of which have titles, followed by one that does have a title, so you can see the difference. #
  • Two posts without titles. #
  • The new thing is the bold text at the beginning of each untitled post, so you can more easily see the structure as you scroll through it. #
  • Another new feature#
  • There's also a max height to a post but if you click on the body it expands to reveal the full text. Click again and it goes back to compact size. It took a bunch of iteration to get to this, it's better than what Facebook and Twitter do, where you have to carefully position the mouse to see the rest, and after expanding, the place where you have to clock to collapse it moves. In this scheme, stay right where you are and click again to collapse. #
  • First post has been expanded, second not.#

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