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I did a little work on the identity package. It can now display a 3-column list of all your WordPress sites. #
A friend said I should check out a new movie on Netflix entitled You Are So Not Going to my Bat Mitzvah. She said I'd like it because the rabbi is played by my favorite SNL performer, Sarah Sherman. I watched it and highly recommend. It's not a great movie but it is amazing for me, a 3/4 Jewish boy from Queens, son of holocaust survivors, and I found out from this movie someone who is more uncomfortable with being Jewish than I previously understood. Everything about this movie is Jewish. The same way Atlanta or Insecure are thoroughly black. The teenagers in the movie are 100 percent comfortable with being Jewish. I don't think there ever has been a movie that approached being Jewish so naturally without any sense that they have to explain themselves. And I kept having the thought -- Why Not? -- as my discomfort came up and then faded out -- why shouldn't there be movies that share modern Jewish culture in America using comedy, without being embarrassed by it? To me this is proof that antisemitism is strong inside me, and I don't understand how it got there. If Blacks have the same thing about their race, they have used culture to help dismantle it. I watch their shows, why shouldn't I also watch a show about my own people, and accept that we have a right to love ourselves as much as anyone else does? So to me, YASNGTMBM was amazing, and did something huge. And btw, the girls who play the lead roles are incredibly sweet and cute, and I expect we'll see more from them. And yes, Sarah Sherman, as the rabbi was wonderful too. #
Google did something I expect more tech companies will do, they use AI to help people figure out how to use their software. For example, they changed the way downloads work in Chrome. It used to be that when you clicked a download link, a tab would open at the bottom of the window, but now it's been hidden behind a menu at the top of the window. How would I know that? So I kept clicking the download link, all the while starting another download of the file. Finally I looked in the Downloads folder on my Mac, and saw five downloads of the same file, creeping along slowly, because they were all competing with each other, slowing each other down. So I went to the Google search engine and asked about downloading from Chrome, and immediately it gave me the answer. This is new, it's the result of having turned on Google's new AI for search. It showed me where I had to go to cancel the downloads, and I did. Problem solved. I still hate Google for what they're doing to the open web, but I know how to separate the good from the evil. #
  • Maybe my favorite Little Card Editor meme.#
  • Even if you think you're writing about someone else in fact it's only about you. #

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