It's even worse than it appears..
What if this isn't your body?#
We're having a reunion at Berkman on September 7th and 8th in Cambridge and of course I'm going. Just reviewed the schedule where there were several references to the term "unconference." I think we should talk about how good ideas are usurped or erased. The term was actually coined at Berkman, to describe the format we used for the second day of the first BloggerCon in 2003 by one of our participants, Lenn Pryor, who was at Microsoft at the time. The term was eventually taken over for a imho much less interesting conference format, one where the sessions are chosen in real time at the event, but the format of the sessions is the same one used by non-un-conferences. In our version the hallways are empty, in the other format, well it's business as usual, the interesting stuff happens outside the meeting room. Maybe a university could help make sure that true innovation is rewarded? Something perhaps to discuss at our reunion. I tried to write this comment on the website, but they only allow 280 characters. Anyway here's a Google search for the term unconference on my blog. And a Google Trends search.#
  • I think now we know Twitter has become a MySpace-like thing. #
  • MySpace is still around it appears. #
  • It looks like some kind of music news site.#
  • But it feels now like Twitter is back there, behind us now, and nothing has come close to replacing it.#
  • Someday perhaps we'll go to and see something like what MySpace has become there. #

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