It's even worse than it appears..
Tuesday September 5, 2023; 2:53 PM EDT
  • I'm dumping these into the the Activity Feed for the Berkman reuinion but thought I should post them here as well.#
    • ChatGPT is a miracle. It's one of those things like VisiCalc, the Mac UI, the WWW or Pointcast that after experiencing it I knew everything had changed.#
    • What makes for a great conference experience? How to keep the interesting stuff in the room from spilling out into the hallway.#
    • A session about all the ways we love and miss John Perry Barlow. Have Charlie lead this discussion of course.#
    • Is there any way the web to be open in the future or is it doomed to be forever controlled by the nerds in silicon valley? And do they really know what's best for us? Why?#
    • Based on all the people who say they were at BloggerCon, there must've been 100,000 people there, but there were actually only a couple of hundred. Were you one of them? Anything we could have done better?#

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