It's even worse than it appears..
Sorry still not back up to full speed blogging-wise. Had a great time at the Berkman reunion. But it's so freaking hot here, mid-90s and full humidity. Intermittent internet access. Great to meet all kinds of old friends. The memories are strong. Tomorrow is another travel day, returning to the mountains, and then Murphy-willing, head-down on a new product release.#
They just asked what mistakes did BKC make, and I learned for the first time in Charlie Nesson's talk that development was one of the early values, and when I came here, it was my hope was that we'd connect users and developers and make this a major activity of the university as I described in a series of pieces I wrote. But BKC turned in a different direction, focusing on people who studied the internet, rather than people who made the internet. #
I'm listening to a speaker at the BKC reunion, a man I have great respect for but can't name due to the rules of this conference. He's talking about how to regulate AI, with the assumption that it's a looming catastrophe, without explaining why he feels that way, or why we should. As a reader of this blog you certainly know that I am very optimistic about the future of AI.#

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