It's even worse than it appears..
AI is the revenge of the command line. #
Imagine a DNS utility that you could converse with as you do with ChatGPT.#
There's a lot of power and ownership that comes from having the dominant web browser.#
I use interactive debuggers as programming tools, not in just in place of console.log statements. It's provably faster, and it makes it possible to build bigger machines that do more. The challenge of software development is to factor and factor so you can add another story to the skyscraper that your product has become. Eventually you have to stop building, one mind can't comprehend that much. Better tools makes it possible to build and manage more complex machines. I have no idea what's around the corner in software development when we can rely on cyber-minds to keep track of complexity for us. We'll have to develop new modes of communication between the human and computer brains, and I seriously doubt if it'll involve implants, more likely it'll happen first when we invent new language. And each of us should be able to create our own. At some point we'll realize we aren't even making sounds. It'll have sensors that learn how our bodies change when we have certain ideas. Who knows. But what possibilities! #
I asked ChatGPT to write SQL code that would generate the table of actors and awards I spec'd last week. "Make a table of 15 oscar-winning actors and actresses ranked by number of nominations, also include a column with the names of at most three of the movies they made that won best picture."#

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