It's even worse than it appears..
It's nice to see Harvard claiming its key role in the podcasting bootstrap. Berkman was the perfect place for a web developer to hook up with a radio interviewer to develop a new medium. #
Every year around this time I start thinking about Blogger Of The Year. And there's no doubt who it will be this year, but no spoilers. Also around this time each year we start thinking about which movies will be in this year's NakedJen Film Festival, a tradition on Christmas Day every year when all the best pictures come out. Recent years the NJFF as its fans lovingly refer to it has been a virtual event, thanks to streaming, BitTorrent, COVID and the fact that Jen moved to SLC, though we have held them in realspace in NYC and SLC since then.#
Twitter is a shell of its former self, I can see that in my own behavior. I used to help out voluntarily to vet posts their bots thought were questionable, but I don't do that any more. I don't feel any sense of ownership of Twitter. Looking back, it's surprising that I ever did. I also used to run polls there, but I don't do that any longer. And when something new is happening, I have no idea where to go, but I don't go to Twitter like I used to. These are facts. Not anything I ever weighed and decided to stop doing, I just don't do them. And yes I think it's a good thing that the fog of Twitter is clearing. There was a time when I hoped interesting ideas would pop up in the blogosphere, but then we got lost in all the bullshit of Twitter, and now that's over. So maybe there's room for the web being used, once again, as a way of connecting real people in smaller numbers. #

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