It's even worse than it appears..
October is archived, welcome to November 2023. #
  • I wrote a story ten years ago, posted only on Facebook. #
    • A plot for a science fiction horror movie.#
    • Takes place in the near future.#
    • A young Zuck-like hacker not only understands how to write scalable server apps, and has no principles about people's privacy (or really anything, for that matter), he's also a lawyer. #
    • He starts a Facebook-like service, but it's better in some way (still need to come up with this element), but there's a twist. The end user agreement is customized for each user. Not for everyone, just a few. They know where you live, and whether you own the house or not. #
    • Here's the nasty thing they do. #
    • They plant seemingly innocuous language in the agreement (that no one reads anyway) that says you sign over all your property to them. #
    • Not sure where it goes from there exactly. #
    • Probably not all that great an idea.#
  • Visualized...#
  • I fed this story to ChatGPT and asked it to ask DALL-E to visualize it. Had to change Zuck to Buck to get past its filters. And here's what it came back with.#
  • BuckBook, by DALL-E, as directed by ChatGPT, screenplay by me.#
  • PS: Full-size visual, on Facebook -- seems appropriate.#

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