It's even worse than it appears..
Feed Hunter is a new NPM package that looks for a feed, starting with the address of an HTML file. We first look for feeds that are linked into the HTML source code. If we don't find a working feed there, we look in 27 common locations where feeds are often found. And btw, there's a new version of FeedLand that uses this package, so we do better at finding feeds. Thanks to the Indieblog site which keeps a great list of blogs with feeds. We used that info to come up with our list of default locations. We also used the list of feeds people have subscribed to in FeedLand. #
For FeedLand users and others, how did you feel about the starter feeds you were offered when you first signed on?#
The thing people don't like about AI isn't that the machines are trying to be human, rather it's that you could be a machine. #
I wonder if Stack Overflow tried to do a deal with ChatGPT to flow human knowledge through their database. Or were they caught as flat-footed as Encyclopædia Britannica was by Wikipedia, or how digital cameras were obsoleted by smart phones. Was there anything any of them could do, or was there no possible corner-turn? Also newspaper classified ads and Craigslist.#
I asked DALL-E to help create an icon for Feed Hunter. I can't imagine an art director at an agency not using AI to play around with ideas for logos, symbols, ads, whatever. What I arrived at was a tennis racket trying to hit a cheeseburger. I didn't end up using it, but the exploration was useful. I think this process still has quite a ways to go, I find it difficult to control the bot, I give it explicit instructions sometimes that it apparently doesn't understand. But it's still a miracle of technology. And a miracle for this human, because I've found an artist that is infinitely patient with me, and works for $20 a month.#
I bought a new domain for FeedLand today. 😄#

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