It's even worse than it appears..
The NYT, which I subscribe to, sent me an email today that linked to a page of easy soup recipes. I thought this is nice, I thought their cooking site was extra money, which I refuse to pay because I think I already give them far too much money for the value I get. But when I clicked on one of the pictures I was told this is a "subscriber-only recipe." This is incredibly disrespectful and probably unethical, because I was being conned by an ad, thinking it was journalistic content that I actually paid for. I used to love the NYT. I grew up reading them along with everyone else in my family. Now they betray that every chance they get. Whoever is running the NYT now is running it into the ground as far as I'm concerned. #
I asked ChatGPT for a quick and easy chicken noodle soup recipe and it obliged, without any upsell. NYT this is your competition. #
I applied for a Bluesky invite a long time ago, got the notification today. Maybe Bluesky is going to try to grow. Feeling the heat from Threads perhaps.#

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