It's even worse than it appears..
Some news. I've been working with Automattic for most of this year on a new version of FeedLand that runs in their cloud. The advantage is it will scale like the most popular websites, as WordPress does. There have been lots of internal changes in the software, but at the same time, it still runs on a $10 a month Digital Ocean server, and on desktops as well. The next FeedLand works at all these levels, for a person, a workgroup and the world. Obviously, lots more to say about all this. 😄#
If Threads is serious about being open, what's preventing them from adding a simple posting API and outbound RSS. Very lightweight well-established technology. We could start building around it now.#
Someday an author is going to construct a universe in a LLM and let users interact with it. That sounds boring, but here's the interesting idea that led to it. Yesterday I asked ChatGPT to draw me a image of an ancient band performing in the desert with cacti as the audience. Then this morning I had the idea of moving the concert into the pond behind my house, except this time the audience are frogs. I have a private Facebook group where I tell the story of the pond, including the animals who come to visit. Some of them I invent, they don't actually exist. And they have relationships with each other, at least in my mind. A natural thing to make part of this private group would be the LLM of all the animals, and their stories and relationships. And other people's models could incorporate mine. This was an idea I had for SimCity, and the web of outlines, neither of which happened. Maybe it'll happen in LLM-land.#
But first I need to be able to interact ChatGPT-style with the archive I've already created. Yesterday I saw Guy Kawasaki's chatbot, trained with transcripts of his podcast, and I have total LLM-envy. Guy says it was created for him by a company named Sentiyen. #
The great thing about the private Facebook group is I have invited friends from all stages of my life. People I knew in from high school, New Orleans, Madison, Palo Alto, Cambridge and Berkeley, NYC and Woodstock. Even people I knew as a child. People I only or mostly know virtually. Imho, people who won't use Facebook miss out. Its greatest feature are the people who use it. It's the kind of village we yearn for, at a DNA level. People you will never stop loving. I don't think I've ever mentioned this group on the blog, but maybe I should do that more, because it's a uniquely civilized, friendly and soul-nourishing online place, at least for me. #

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