It's even worse than it appears..
I did my 500th Peloton ride today. #
I've often felt I should be able to stay in places I've lived sort of on an emeritus basis. A certain number of days a year based on the number of years I've lived there and maybe the number of people who live there who'd like to go out for a walk or a meal. #
We have too many modes of writing. I just wrote a post that's also a tweet. Why didn't it go to my followers on all the social nets I'm on? Why do I have to use a different editor to post to each of the services? That's the point of textcasting, btw. #
Someone must be working on a ChatGPT for SQL databases. I want to talk to my friend the chatbot, so it can write the queries for me. All the time. For example, instead of asking ChatGPT how to ask for the number of rows in a table, it could just tell me how many rows there are. #
Report that wasn't working. Fixed. #
  • Another in the series of fantasy concerts, locations and fans. #
  • "In Madison Square Garden in NYC. A tribute band for Steely Dan. The audience are New Yorkers. Very well educated and well behaved."#
  • Madison Square and Steely Dan.#

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