It's even worse than it appears..
We're starting to work with people on artcasting. The idea is we want to send visual art over RSS 2.0 feeds. Photographs. Paintings. News. The consensus seems to be that we should use the enclosure element, as with podcasting. In this case, if the type begins with "image/" then an artcast viewer should handle it, and others should ignore it. We were at this place with podcasting in 2001, and needed some examples, so we had a feed of Grateful Dead music to start using the technology. Here's the artcasting test feed. Try subscribing to it in a feed reader you like. Hopefully it either ignores the enclosure or it does the right thing with it, displays it. Here's a thread for comments, questions and screen shots. #
I think a basic hookup to a chatbot is going to become part of the textcasting spec pretty quickly. So far the best one I've seen is Guy Kawasaki's. I want to be able to ask for a list of things I've written on a given topic, and to be able to ask the questions in the same straightforward way I ask ChatGPT. #
Polls are not news.#
  • A photo I took on this day in 2015, in Central Park.#

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