It's even worse than it appears..
Found and fixed an error in the implementation of FeedLand's new reading lists feature. #
One of the fundamental laws of programming. A problem that seems insurmountable often succumbs to a good night's sleep.#
Brilliant post about RSS from Colin Walker. I agree with all of it. When a protocol or format is much more complicated that it needs to be, there's usually a reason, the proponents want to say they're compatible and open without having actual interop. #
BTW, I read in a news article the other day that I developed iPodder, the first podcasting client in 2004. This is not true. The first podcasting client was Radio UserLand in 2001. I did not write iPodder, it was a community effort. #
I admire Jeff Jarvis for his spunk, and on matters of journalism it's amazing how often I fully and enthusiastically agree with his point of view. But I have to just as strongly disagree with him about OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT. I don't go for hype in tech, I'm very much a Show Me kind of guy. Every time I think of a new use for ChatGPT I'm blown away by what a breakthrough it is. Not just impressive tech, which it certainly is, but how incredibly useful it is. And how it understands my questions. And its infinite patience and good manners. I'm not trying to change Jeff's mind, but just to say I think my friend got this one wrong. #
Why worry about AI taking over from humans, we’ve led our species off a cliff, maybe it’s time to try another approach.#
  • Imagine a Silicon Valley board meeting with a young entrepreneur wearing shorts and a baseball cap, drinking beer, while the investors are wearing ski vests and their attention is focused on their laptop screens.#
  • Silicon Valley board meeting.#

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