It's even worse than it appears..
Tuesday December 19, 2023; 12:08 PM EST
  • I have a private group on Facebook, and just got this notice.#
    • "Join the waitlist for Meta AI in your group! Meta AI can save you time and spark conversations by answering questions posted in your group, linking people to the posts they find most helpful, and more. Sign up your group to be the first to get access when it becomes available in your region."#
  • When I clicked on the Learn More button, this is what came back.#
    • A new way to get questions answered#
      • Meta AI will comment on questions that haven't gotten an answer after one hour#
    • Keep members engaged#
      • Meta AI's answers will summarize earlier group discussions and share past posts from the group, helping to build community and spark discussion#
    • Stay in control#
      • You'll be able to delete any of Meta AI's comments, turn it off anytime, and customize it for your group#
  • A thought -- this kind of feature could not have been offered a year ago. The online world and journalism would never have accepted it from Facebook. But now they're called Meta and that seems to matter. ChatGPT has created a new opening. Not sure I'm going to like it, esp since this is mostly a one-way group. It's not for discussions. But it's the only group they offered to, and I love this stuff and want to know more.#
  • I haven't told the members of the group that I've requested this. Am I obligated to do that? #
  • Also in private groups where people reveal personal info (not the purpose of this group) I could see where this would be very controversial.#

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