It's even worse than it appears..
Wednesday December 20, 2023; 10:21 AM EST
  • Assume that FB doesn't really want to interop, so that's why there's a year timeline on developing AP functionality. No rush. Let's keep growing and later on we can have an app store that only lets certain sites into our world, subject to our turning them off at any time. #
  • Assuming this is true, RSS is their worst nightmare. It's implemented in a week, if you're really careful and there are good toolkits for every platform, and lots of developers know what to do with it, and even worse, there already is a huge installed base of such apps and they all have vociferous users who would be thrilled to be heard, because they largely feel like they're pissing in the wind. I am doing CSS coding far in advance of my previous capability, when I know something is possible, but I haven't the slightest idea how to specify it. #
  • Remember they said RSS is Dead. I always felt that was aimed at me, but it was aimed at them too, even more so.#
  • The thing to do, build -- intelligently, slowly, showing interop at every step. Watch out for people who take stuff out with out putting back. #

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