It's even worse than it appears..
Basketball is the best game to watch because you get to know the players. Only five players on the court at once, they play both offense and defense, and they aren't wearing armor like football players, you see their faces, whether they're cool or hot, emotional or stoic, up or down. So when your team trades two of its best-known players for three players you've never heard of, to a team that's rebuilding, first you feel sad, and then you wonder what the new teams will be like. One of the traded players, Immanuel Quickley, is a young, happy warrior with a deadly offense, but he was a Knicks bench player because they already had an All-Star quality player at his position, point guard, the quarterback of a basketball team. He led the second unit, and probably had a lot to do with the Knicks' success last year. I watched the Raptors game last night, and while the joy seemed to be gone from his demeanor, he was their starting point guard, and now he gets a chance to prove himself. The Knicks got something they needed, desperately, now that their defensive leader, Mitchell Robinson, is injured and out for the season -- OG Anunoby -- who fit in so well into the starting lineup, in place of the other player the Knicks traded, RJ Barrett, who never became the producer we hoped he would. The new Knicks starting five are a much better team than they were before the trade, or so it seems after one game. I admit, I had gotten bored with Knicks this season, but yesterday's game was interesting and exciting, and even better the Knicks won, against one of the best teams in the NBA. Yet we will miss IQ in New York, and hope for him to have a great career in Toronto and beyond. #
  • I got this idea from Mike Masnick on Bluesky. #
  • I asked ChatGPT if Steamboat Willie is now public domain. It said yes.#
  • I asked if it could draw me a picture of SW saying he's now public domain.#
  • Not quite. Public dombat.#
  • Was that intentional, I asked?#
  • No. Apology. Let's try again.#
  • Now he's public domant.#
  • But the pictures are cool!#

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