It's even worse than it appears..
Twitter has yet to realize its potential as a coral reef. The idea was lovely, they had solved two important problems, identity and world-scale publishing. It took years to get there, but they did eventually do it. They were also liberal in granting access to their API, though because of some dick moves leading up to their IPO, they got a rep for the opposite, as in no good deed goes unpunished. In the big picture, what they offered was tantalizing. If they had added storage to it, which I understood from Jack Dorsey was their plan, then some amazing stuff would have happened. I still believe tech companies can play a very important role in the open internet, as long as they are willing to treat users as customers and sell a product that has value without the usual michegas. #
I've been listening to the Grateful Dead today. Today my most favorite Dead song is Ripple. I love the bass beat, and the simple lyric. A wonderful sing-along. Let there be songs to fill the air. A song about singing. Love it. #

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