It's even worse than it appears..
Another Dead song that must've been fun to sing. "Wherever he goes the people all complain." #
With mystique of Substack in retreat, now -- if we had a proper identity system with storage, we could make it easy for people to hook their world up to email, ie newsletters, and preserve choice, and be able to build editors that were more than tiny little textboxes. I was part of the PC wave in the 80s when writing tools advanced incredibly quickly. So many directions -- from line-oriented editors on Unix and early Apples, to screen editors, then with the Mac we got wizzy, and page layout, and outliners for thinking and presentations. In the same time period programming changed from something requiring a million dollar investment in hardware and infrastructure, to something most students could afford. Just ten years. Since then our world has been reduced to copying and pasting into tiny text boxes. The question is bigger than if we need journalism, the question is do we need writers? #
It makes sense that AI is coming into existence at the time the human species, and most living things on the planet, appear about to cease to exist. It's possible that we are just building our successor. A sort of ark of intellect. It would make sense, if there is a Creator, that they would arrange things this way. Just-in-time species reboot.#
BTW, what are the proper pronouns for The Creator?#
One man gathers what another man spills.#
  • This is a tiny little text box. My goal is to eradicate these beasts.#

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