It's even worse than it appears..
In today's Bull Mancuso comic strip, she's a delivery truck driver in Prague on Veshturnya Ave, delivering Amazon boxes. Then, enjoying a huge cheeseburger with Slavic ketchup, and after that I accidentally hit the Return key, and for the rest of the strip she was a teacher at Portland State University, skiing at Mt Hood Ski Bowl, as she was in the previous version. I find this stuff endlessly entertaining, for now at least, because drawing like this was something I never could do myself. #
ActivityPub is a typical tech industry mess. OpenDoc, Taligent, Copland even OS/2 and Java. Hailstorm. Operating systems designed to solve problems for tech companies, completely over the heads of users. #
Sorry but if Joe Biden has a problem then we have a problem. I wish news people would get a freaking clue.#
New social media rule. If I don't know you, and you post something incomprehensible, I assume it's spam and delete it.#
  • Let's do another Bull Mancuso comic strip! In this version Ms Mancuso is a professor at Harvard Law School, teaching a class on contract law. She's a former Supreme Court clerk and has been considered for a high court appointment herself. She drinks Starbuck's, which she gets from a store on Mass Ave in Cambridge, just across from the Law School campus. Her students all have tremendous respect for her. Just a few panels of her giving an informative caffeine-enhanced lecture. #
  • I was given two comic strips to choose from, and I went with the first, because it's closest to what I was thinking of! It looks like a Harvard Law School classroom.#
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