It's even worse than it appears..
Today's song: Take me back to Tulsa. #
I've been writing and talking about the idea of a typical tech industry mess and left out the one I had a hand in creating, SOAP. Started out simple, and over years it turned into a TTIM. Perfect example. Someone should study it, to figure out why Sun, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle et al wanted a protocol for interop and invested years in it, and yet it returned little in the way of interop. I know that XML-RPC is still in use, I imagine that SOAP probably is too, in some form. I wonder how it shook out. On the other hand RSS wasn't turned into a nightmare, and has become a productive tech industry mess, the most unusual thing ever, a true unicorn. #
Doc will like this. Right now there are four hits on Goog for typical tech industry mess. #
I re-watched Silver Linings Playbook over the weekend. I love Jennifer Lawrence, and this is a pure JL showcase. But the best moment was stolen by Robert DeNiro who is batshit crazy like most of the characters in the movie when he tells his son in two sentences about our purpose on the planet, which of course is to love Jennifer Lawrence. ❤️#
Why isn't there a karaoke website where I can sing along with Ripple with the lyrics scrolling by. Could we do it together over the internet? It probably doesn't exist because of Hollywood tightasses. But surely there must be some uncopyrighted music we could try this. Hey I bet it actually exists. Send me a link.#
For some reason only now am I realizing the incredible sing-along qualities of Grateful Dead songs like St Stephen or Uncle John's Band. #

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