It's even worse than it appears..
I have bad news. This is what the bots think we look like. #
A note to people who make feeds, software that generates feeds, readers of feeds and everyone else. FeedLand is here as a way for me to get new ideas into the feediverse. I'd like people to hear me. It would have been nice if it were possible to help without spending all this time making FeedLand, but that's the way it goes. I'm not patenting any of it, and it's all open source. At some point, the service, which I'm partnering with Automattic with on, will be a for-profit venture, but not yet. And my main purpose is not the money, it's the ideas, the progress. #
Some standards come from users and developers. Imho those are the best. Like Markdown and RSS.#
Screen shot of 1984 Mac desktop. Was looking for this everywhere. Now hopefully next time I'll find it. #
Wouldn't it be great if sites were rated on how good their archive is, so you'd know to point to them for future-safety of your link.#
BTW, these days the Dead philosophy, to me, is best expressed in Ripple. It's about our best intentions and how powerless we are to live up to them. But what the F, let's sing about it! 😄#
Braintrust query: I'm having trouble running the Node utility Forever with recent versions of Node. I've read all the threads on this, and it's not clear (to me at least) how to get past this problem. I've resorted to running without Forever on one of my servers, but this is a short-term solution.#
  • The news industry could try EZ-Pass for News before giving up.#
  • This reader has their money in his pocket, but doesn't know who to give it to. #
  • How can I develop a habit for your pub if it's all-or-nothing. Or one article per month? #
  • The current economic proposal is unacceptable.#
  • News must negotiate with their customers, and stop insisting that cash flow has to work the way they want it to. That isn't working. #
  • Time to start listening to the users. Might also be good for the quality of the news. #
  • Facebook is good for surfacing old stuff, like this picture from the 1990s, me and Dave Jacobs at a Potrero Hill restaurant, looking much younger, before all the wear and tear. #
  • The Daves (Jacobs and Winer) at a Potrero Hill restaurant in the 90s.#
  • We had already been friends for a few years then. By total coincidence we were both offered writing gigs at the then-new Wired, Dave as the Fetish columnist, where he wrote about all the latest tech gadgetry, which was a perfect assignment for him, because Dave is one of the most tech-literate people you'll ever meet. Also an avid bike rider, Deadhead, and later a receiver of donated kidneys, and a pioneer of the technology for matching kidney donors with recipients. He has saved a lot of lives with his software. And he's still with us, against all odds. #
  • I was offered a column to basically write whatever I wanted to write about, although by default I was supposed to write about the world wide web, which was then as new as ChatGPT is today and every bit as exciting. You can find our respective columns somewhere I hope on the web. #
  • Just chatted with him last night during the Niners game. The only football team I've ever loved, from back in the Joe Montana days. #

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