It's even worse than it appears..
After my experience creating an Ace editor instance in a Bootstrap modal dialog, which I narrated in a blog post and in the transcript with ChatGPT, I had a flash that maybe I could figure out how to use ChatGPT to port Frontier to Linux. The code still runs on reasonably current Macs, but not the latest. I really should be working on Linux not Mac. If it weren't for my dependence on Frontier, I would be. I actually think ChatGPT might be a great programming partner for a meaty operating-system-like project like this. #
I just started a FeedLand category for AI. Only one feed in there so far. I just want be sure I'm reading all the interesting stuff as it comes out. #
Looking for bloggers, developers, reporters, columnists, who focus on new applications of AI. Please post a link here. If you have the URL for a feed, that would be best. Thanks!#
As I was writing the post about using ChatGPT to port Frontier, which is a C program, runs on Mac and Windows, GPL licensed, to Linux. This took me to an interesting place. Could a bot, having read all the source code of MySQL, for example, then be tasked with writing a non-GPL MySQL workalike that would not be open source? Here's a list of popular GPL-licensed software. #
The Knicks are great now. They're exactly the Knicks we wanted, home-grown, smart, winners. Haven't felt this good about the team since Linsanity. “Next man up.” #
JY Stervinou has a suggestion re the Forever problem. #

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