It's even worse than it appears..
Thursday February 1, 2024; 5:10 PM EST
  • I wrote this note to Chris Lydon re the latest episode of his podcast. #
    • Chris,#
    • I'm listening to your latest podcast about Harvard, and totally appreciate this. #
    • In my two years at Harvard in the 00s, I never:#
      • 1. Experienced antisemitism.#
      • 2. Saw antisemitism.#
      • 3. Even thought about the possibility of antisemitism.#
    • On the Harvard campus.#
    • That said, antisemitism is everywhere, even inside me, a man whose grandparents were Jews who fled for their lives with their children from the Holocaust before and during WWII. I am a product of that, in ways I didn't even realize until my parents were gone. It's everywhere, all around, inside myself, inside everyone, and the best we can hope for imho is that it will stay hidden. #
    • Ask me about what happened in the NBA with Kyrie Irving, and how, by their silence, the players and coaches showed how huge and deep the problem is.#
    • To see the Repubs monetize this for political gain is par for the course. To see Harvard buckle under that, is weak and the people who made that decision imho should resign in disgrace. #
    • Thanks for your continued and unique excellence. #
    • Dave#

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