It's even worse than it appears..
I was asked about the difference between and Which should you create a new account on? # runs on a small Digital Ocean server, and Com runs in a data center. The first is a fixed-size relatively small scale server that can't expand, and the latter is designed to scale automatically according to demand. I spent most of 2023 converting the software to run in the scalable environment. #
If you're creating something new, definitely create it on If you're already using, for now you're welcome to continue, but in the back of your mind think about creating a new account on Com and importing your subscription list. Org is proving useful to have around, so I don't imagine it'll go away, it's much easier for me to work on a DO server than on the big cloud-based server. #
You should assume that some day all these systems will disappear. The web is ephemeral. But -- my guess is will be around longer. However, honestly, I really have no idea, no one does. #
BTW, while we're doing this transition in FeedLand, I also have a small crisis happening on my main static server, which depends on a combination of software that suddenly aren't getting along with each other. Obviously something changed. I'm running it in a somewhat crippled state, I may be figuring how to dig out of this hole. One of the downsides of having fun with server software.#
Everyone's watching and listening to Fast Car this morning. It's a time capsule for so many of us. 1988. A window back to good times.#

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