It's even worse than it appears..
I went skiing today at Belleayre. First time in five years. It was great. I've been working out to get ready for it, and was concerned maybe I'm finally too old, but it's good. My body remembers how to ski. And being in shape makes the difference. No doubt at some point I will be too old for it. But not yet. And the snow was really good, for the east. Packed powder, very little ice. No lift lines. Sometimes a little crowded on the slopes but about the same as any ski area in the west. It pays to go on weekdays if you can. Here's a trail map and some stats on the area. #
Social networks and RSS. We really should be on the case for all social media networks to support RSS feeds outbound at least (inbound nice too). And also add features to make interop really useful. I've enumerated them here. I am making software that builds on this feature in social networks. And yes we do have some examples of that, thinking of WordPress and competitors. I think they are perfectly good bases for social networks.#

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