It's even worse than it appears..
Steven Levy asked an interesting question on Bluesky or Threads, can't remember which. Would I feel differently if I knew a work of art that I found inspiring was created by an AI. At first I said no, because what matters in art is how it is received, not how it was created. What effect did it have on the viewer. That's the art. But then I remembered that when I found out that Wordle was edited by a human, that the words were chosen by a person not at random, I found the game less interesting, because certain words obviously would be eliminated from consideration, even though they are in the dictionary and are used in normal writing and speech. I found myself guessing at who the editor is, and that's not why I play Wordle. I don't know why, but understanding this person isn't it. #
Trump is treated by Big News the way they cover climate change, with a big shrug, what can we do. Meanwhile, they get all twisted up in Her Emails and the like.#
I enjoy blocking “top contributors“ on Facebook who respond with sarcasm to requests for help.#
  • Thinking out loud. #
  • It would be interesting if every feed for a site included the site_ID of the site an item came from, and if every item had the ID of the item it came from. Shorten the distance from seeing something that needs editing to actually being able to edit it. #
  • This was one of the big realizations of Edit This Page in 1999. #
  • A WordPress-aware reader might be able to do something with this. Or if it knew that the user owned the site it came from, it could open it in a simple editor. #
  • I was thinking through a use-case and came across this idea. #
  • Isn't it time for there to be a WordPress namespace? After all it's not only a big part of the web, it's also a big part of the feed world. #

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