It's even worse than it appears..
The best SuperBowl ad according to my stringent quality standards was Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, proving that comedy isn't hard, just have people reacting to stupid stuff in ridiculous self-destructive ways. Physical comedy for some reasons is ROTFL funny. They can do this because everyone knows and loves their delicious product and while it isn't good for you, it won't kill you either. And the announcer is Bojack Horseman, so you know that's pretty cool too. #
Big snowstorm coming in tonight. And working on some interesting new software. That's about all for now. #
The SuperBowl last night was an excellent sports game. I didn't like all the bullshit, but it was good sport. However it's all about gambling. I bet it's ruining a lot of lives. A way of sucking the last pennies from people who are already struggling. And it's so easy, just get an app for your phone, add your credit card, and give them all your money.#
The Niners didn't win but Taylor Swift did, that's good enough for me. #
There's a chain of beating hearts connecting back in time from you to a fish that crawled onto land, one of your many ancestors (assuming you believe in evolution, I guess). Actually, even if you don't believe. 😄#
  • I just found myself writing in a tweet on Threads that the news industry has contempt for its readers that AI tools don't have. #
  • Actually the AIs also have a way better attitude about the truth than Wikipedia does (yes I know Wikipedia is a Ouija board, that the very worst people control).#
  • We weren't worried about the rise of fascism and the destruction of our ecology, but we were worried about preserving jobs for supposed truth-tellers who think we deserve garbage and don't disappoint. #
  • #
  • For ten points, who was the Tricky Dicky he was singing about?#

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