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The News tab on the Scripting News home page was set up to request the All category from my FeedLand account. I switched to Tech, it's a bit faster, and probably a better fit. Still looking for a performance issue. #
If you're thinking it might be good if President Biden stepped aside for someone younger and nicer to look at, what you really want is President Biden to be younger and nicer looking, and of course he probably wouldn't mind that either. But, as Keith Olbermann spells out so well in his latest Countdown, if he were to step aside that would basically concede the election to Trump. So if you think the old man is being silly and vain, well, he's being a lot smarter than you are, and btw, paying a huge price. If you live to be 81, I bet the last thing you want to do, after the life he's had, is to be in this position. We should get behind him, and tell him so, let him know we don't want anyone else, and we want him to be happy, healthy and know that the smart, good people of the US appreciate what he's doing for all of us. #
I was happy to see Jon Stewart back on the Daily Show. I wish he would get over how he looks, all of us have aged in the time since he was last on the Daily Show. It was really good. He finally is back with the writers he belongs with, and this show obviously agrees with him, and I got the feeling I always used to get from his show "we'll figure this out." #
The next hurdle for AI is to teach the software to learn about you. I think that's what we all want. Start with the simplest things. This is my coding style, so give me all the example code you generate this way. Where does this end? No idea. But read Klara and the Sun, a truly great story, beautifully told, for a truly creative application. #
This is what I imagine we all yearn for, for someone to really know us before we die. Okay if it can't be other people, at least let it be a machine. Something like preserving a brain. Wouldn't it be great to know that when you're gone, the essential you, even if it doesn't include your consciousness, persists? You could visit a person like you visit a website. This is just evolutionary, and it's obviously going to happen. #
Today would be the perfect day to ski at Belleayre or Hunter, if you can get out of NYC where all the snow is falling. I have work to do and was planning on skiing tomorrow, expecting 8 inches of fresh snow. We're not getting much from this storm in the Catskills, NYC is getting the brunt. And any day you can't get here from the city means not many people on the mountain. 😄#
  • I'd like a fanciful cartoon drawing of a blogroll that automatically sorts itself out when something new comes in. It's happy and fun but also very powerful!#

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