It's even worse than it appears..
Saturday February 17, 2024; 12:47 PM EST
  • There is no organized oversight of journalism. No one whose criticism they respect. And they don't criticize themselves. It's a monopoly, with no reason to change, and that's a formula for a festering mess. Their sense of entitlement is legendary. Such chutzpah. Until it shakes up, we're going to keep getting Trump-size debacles. #
  • They could easily blame their employers for creating Trump. If it weren't for his reality show would his followers see him as anything other than a pathetic East Coast blowhard with a bad combover. Instead they blamed Facebook. Not that FB didn't profit enormously from Trump, but you just can't see the role journalism plays because they can't bite the hand that feeds them. But we can. I don't owe them anything, do you?#
  • BTW it would be incredible to see an investigative report of how the But Her Emails meme was birthed? What does it say about cynicism about the press. Did any journalists hear it? Do any of them feel it?#
  • We feel this. Was journalism paying attention?#

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