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Wednesday February 21, 2024; 9:42 PM EST
  • Certainly one of the NYT columnists must have noticed that the management is playing a dangerous game with our election.#
  • When are they going to write a column raising the question of how non-transparent the process is, and how dangerous it has become. #
  • Might take a bit of courage to do that, and being willing to put your career on the line, for all of us.#
  • Just asking the question, even if they fired you, seems as big an issue as the question raised by the special prosecutor re Biden's age?#
  • I've been a columnist for a somewhat major publication myself, and I promise you, if I were witnessing what's going on at the NYT, I'd submit the column, and if they didn't run it, I'd offer it to their competitors, and if they wouldn't take it, I'd run it publicly on a blog, and say that they wouldn't run it. #
  • You can't really witness something like this without speaking up. They gave you the platform, you should use it.#

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