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Wednesday February 21, 2024; 5:46 PM EST
  • I'm doing a feed cleanup, unsubbing from broken feeds, and ones that haven't updated since last summer. #
  • There are some people and orgs whose feeds no longer update who I miss. I'm going to call them out here. If your name appears here that means at least one person misses your blogging. Do with that as you may. However if you start blogging, I would be very upset if you didn't let me know the URL of your site or feed. #
    • David Weinberger#
    • Douglas Rushkoff#
    • Eli Pariser#
    • Farhad Manjoo#
    • Fivethirtyeight#
    • Fred Wilson#
    • Heather Cox Richardson (podcast, she may no longer have one)#
    • Jeff Jarvis#
    • Joel Spolsky#
    • Mother Jones podcast#
  • NYT sports feeds all appear to be gone, I think this is probably because they've stopped covering sports?#
    • NYT > Sports > College Basketball#
    • NYT > Sports > College Football#
    • NYT > Sports > Tennis#
  • Blogs I subscribed to for sentimental reasons#
  • Existential questions#
    • Does openrss.org have a feed? It seems like it should. :-)#

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