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Thursday February 22, 2024; 8:58 AM EST
  • Even though they are, for me, the biggest band ever, I've never been able to see the connection to the John Lennon of the early Beatles, and the long-haired bespectacled wild John Lennon that came later. I don't see them as the same person. Not the other Beatles, they all make sense to me. Sometimes they have longer hair or a beard or whatever, but it's still the same face as before. Also I have trouble figuring out which Beatle is singing sometimes. On some songs it's perfectly obvious, others I have no clue. For example Norwegian Wood, Come Together, Strawberry Fields and Lucy in the Sky, that's John of course. Right? Hey Jude, that's clearly Paul, as is Let it Be, Yesterday. But for years I didn't know who sang Lady Madonna. Martha My Dear? Paul could sing so many different kinds of music. John, not so much. I guess. I'm still pretty unsure. #

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