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Went out to eat, nice pizza place in Phoenicia. There was a guy wearing a brand new Trump hat. I've never seen that in a public place. Otherwise he looked perfectly normal. I wondered what kind of weirdo has that kind of hate in his heart. Is he listening to what Trump is saying these days? I didn't want to ask him. These are our Nazis. They've hated us their whole lives. Until now, I never knew they existed. And now they get to parade around in public with these obscene hats on. When will the swastikas start appearing on the hats. I wonder if this is the first of many. Like the Germans partying at Rick's place in Casablanca. One more thing. Have you heard about the Civil War movie coming out later this year. Watch the trailer. Maybe wait till morning, because you might have trouble sleeping. #
BTW, apparently my post yesterday where I said I was "doing some of my best writing in ChatGPT" was confusing. I meant literally what I said. My writing. Not that I was using ChatGPT to do my writing for me. I can understand that some people do that, writing isn't one of their things. However writing is one of my things. I've been writing every day for almost thirty years. My writing style has changed a lot over the years. I don't necessarily think it's gotten better, it's just different. I would never post writing publicly written by a anyone other than me without saying it was. Writing for me is very personal. On the other hand, I don't draw very well, never have. I used to be good at box diagrams with arrows, but I'm really out of practice. So if you see something colorful here, that was drawn by a bot, unless it says otherwise. I think we all have to be very clear about that. Now, I do write a lot in ChatGPT because I'm trying to get it to help me solve problems, almost always technical. Basically you have to sketch out the problem in English very specifically so it gives you back what you want. I never thought I'd be programming in English, but here I am doing it. I really want a copy of everything I write, because someday I might want to feed it into a bot other than ChatGPT. There's the lock-in. They own part of me, and I don't even get a copy. Yes yes I know I can download individual conversations, but not if they include an image btw, did you think of that? And who has time to remember to download them. This is fucked up. One of my action items is to hook Drummer up to their API so I'm not relying on their editor. Every time you find yourself typing into a tiny little text box the alarms should go off. #
There's a Beatles song, by John Lennon, that was written by cribbing promotional items from a 19th-century circus poster. It's kind of like asking ChatGPT to give you some random phrases and presenting that as your creativity. I think I'm going to try that now. I asked ChatGPT to write a poem using ideas from a random song written by John Lennon. It chose Imagine. I asked that it write a poem using the ideas in Day Tripper. And finally I asked it to write a song based on the story of The Matrix. #
When I see the word "blogrolls" on my screen, in big letters, my brain always sees "bagels" first. I guess we know what's on my mind. 💥#

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