It's even worse than it appears..
There are a lot of blogging communities out there in 2024, but we don't think of them that way. But they totally behave like a blogging community. I remember when I was starting, I wanted to get an idea of when sites were updating, so I didn't have to go hunting through a blogroll, clicking on links to find out if there was anything new. So I wrote a script that worked off a list of blogs, read each one in turn, and compared it with the last version we read, and if there was a change, it would move it to the top of the list. I didn't just make it for myself, I shared it with everyone. There was a mail list where people were freaking out about this. The server that would read their blog every so often was called subhonker. This was something new and they were scared. I couldn't show them the benefit until the script had been running for a while. Everyone got upset. I remember being confused and scared, but I guess from their point of view it looked scary. I don't know. In the end became really popular, it became the central place to find out what's new with blogs, and then evolved to use RSS so we could find changes in even more detail. I guess the thing is people should see the benefit before they see the price? And as an innovator, we have to be aware of this, people may not see the benefit until they can use it. #
I'm waiting for someone to give me the tools to index my own content so ChatGPT knows about it. I want it to learn my codebase so I can ask it questions about places I've used a feature before. I want to write code in a very high level language I invent as I go and have it compile it to JavaScript. Come on, what's holding things up. This will be the ultimate productivity software. The first one who gets there owns the world or at least deserves a nice prize and our thanks. #
I use Safari on my iPad. The software just updated, and they widened the width of icons in the browser chrome. This knocked three of my links over into the menu, out of easy reach. Why did they feel they could change something so basic? After using the iPad for 14 freaking years, why shake up this tiny little corner of the system? What's the possible benefit. Or maybe this is just a bug and they'll fix it? This is the kind of thing that makes me put off updating. Yeah I know it sounds small, but I really use my freaking iPad. It isn't just for watching movies. I can't tell you how many iPads I've bought. It's ridiculous. Come on Apple, I'm a customer not a slave. #
Re the Michigan primary returns -- I think it's great that 15% of Democratic voters voted uncommitted -- because that's democracy, and it does not hurt Biden at all to have the voters express themselves, esp when I'm pretty sure he agrees. Biden is a Democrat, and Netanyahu is a MAGA. Remember that. They are not friends, and Biden has dropped very explicit hints that he's thinking that way. So give him an excuse to kick Netanyahu in the ass, and he'll be happy to do it. But he can't openly threaten Israel now, not with Trump over there saying he'd cut NATO, and thanks to him we're ditching Ukraine, even though Trump isn't in office. All of our alliances are fragile now, and getting worse every time Trump says or does something awful. Biden has to take it steady. I listened to the interviews with advocates for uncommitted, and no one even remotely suggested they'll vote for Trump or a Republican. This is democracy. It's good. That's as American as it gets. #
Another way to think about it. What if, say in California or New York, 15% of the Democrats voted uncommitted to make sure Biden knows he's expected to stand up strong for reproductive rights. That helps clear the way with any Democrats who feel they should go slowly. Voters expressing their political strength. Again, that's pure democracy. It's the best.#
Think of it this way -- voting is governing. We have a lot of power but only if we use it.#

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