It's even worse than it appears..
Sunday March 3, 2024; 1:05 PM EST
  • I found myself responding at length to my longtime friend and proto-blogger Jeff Jarvis, so instead of posting a thread of chained messages, I just made it a blog post. #
  • The thing about Gaza is that there's the rest of the world, and they're watching to see how we deal with Israel, given that Netanyahu has been such an asshole to the US. He's a freaking MAGA. #
  • So the president has to gradually increase the pressure on Israel, but he has to be mindful that there already is a shitload of pressure all around, more pressure is the last thing we need. A lot more people will die if it spirals out of control. But Biden is increasing the pressure. The images of the air food drops into Gaza from US planes is exactly the right way to proceed for the US. It shows that there's another path, compassion and help. #
  • Being president of the United States is a complicated thing IOW. But they're doing it the only way we can, given who we are. #
  • Jeff, I know you know this. This would be the adult discussion, which we never have. Journos seem to think Americans can't understand the basics of world politics, but somehow we understand the rules and history of the NBA, NFL and MLB. The functioning of politics isn't really any more complicated. #

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