It's even worse than it appears..
The CEOs of Mastodon, Bluesky, Automattic and Ghost are all in my (real soon now) blogroll because their systems all support feeds. There's something new afoot. An open social network that "just works" across platforms because of simple easy well-established standards. #
The next test for finding the conflict in my tabs code. I'm trying to isolate a problem with the tabs code I use in my blog, and in various pieces of software. Late last year, I decided to stop making new tabs systems, and to invest in a single great tabs manager. This app tests only that code. So I want to know if this works. I may add another test after a while, based on the results of this test.#
Of course the Russians and Repubs have a plan to blow up this election like they did in 2016. Probably something that uses AI. They'll be two steps ahead of the Dems who are famously tech-averse. And they'll get plenty of help from the press who are happy to repurpose Repub talking points as news. They never questioned Huh or whatever his name is, they just carried his quote as if it were gospel. Of course Trump's legal bills will be paid by his fellow fascists around the world. His fines are small change so far, less than a billion dollars. Putin is the richest man in the world. He could buy a 50% chance of owning the US government again for at most a couple of billion, only this time he'll really know how to loot it, and with his hacking he can improve the odds. Trump doesn't care as long as he gets to go on TV and preen. He loves bending the knee for Putin. #
I got a text message from an unidentified person saying they were coming to SF soon for some event so now we could go for a nice walk on the beach. At first I wondered who this could be. I have a 415 number, but I live far away from Calif. My first thought this was a friend who didn't know I moved (in 2009 btw, must not be someone very in touch). Of course it's just phishing. D'oh. It's clever. I guess. I guess it isn't really that smart to send a message to a random 415 number and assume the person might live in the Bay Area. #

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