It's even worse than it appears..
Wednesday March 13, 2024; 9:03 PM EDT
  • Here's a screen shot of the new software that came out today, the blogroll feature on Scripting News. #
  • It's a post on Manton's blog, viewed in the blogroll on my site, talking about stuff on my site. #
  • As we used to say in the Old School Blogosphere: "Watching them watch us, watch them watching us, etc, etc."#
  • Manton's blog is expanded, revealing the five most recent posts. The cursor points at one, showing the full text in a tool tip. Click the link to visit the post on his blog.#
  • Shortly after posting this item, Scripting News showed as the top item in the blogroll.#
  • Then Doc Searls posted on his blog, and I had to snap a screen shot. #
  • Did you know that Doc coined the term blogroll? #
  • Then Gruber showed up from Daring Fireball. It's a bit like a party. 😄 #
  • Today was a very exciting day here, I think tomorrow will be too.#
  • I'm trying to think but nothing happens!#

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