It's even worse than it appears..
Through it all, remains my most popular site. #
It's so funny, the editor of Wordle on a podcast on Friday, 1000th puzzle day, said there are some puzzles that you might not solve in six moves not because of skill rather because of luck. I was pretty sure when I took my second guess, but that's just when the cursing started. By the third guess I thought she's screwing with us! I should not have listened to the podcast.#
We have a 140-char limit, but offer an effortless way to see more. #
On Mastodon: I've done this before, starting 25 years ago. Find some new connection I can make because someone was wise enough to add an RSS interface. I get to have an aha! moment and a good laugh at how great this is and then write a freaking blog post about it, and people think man this web thing is pretty cool.#
Note to self, make a Chrome extension for my blogroll. #
On this day in 1999. Not much happened in RSS. But I'm going to keep checking for the next couple of weeks. #

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