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I was glad to have 3 Body Problem to binge over the weekend. Created by the showrunners for Game of Thrones based on a much-loved series of science fiction novels, which btw I have not read. This was emphatically not Game of Thrones, though some of the actors played roles in both series, and in each case that was awkward. Not the best actors, they didn't get much screentime in GoT, but here, they get the big lines and omg it was embarrassing, they don't pull it off. Creepy. I loved the first four episodes, incredible story, and the special effects, awesome. Then it really started to stink in episodes in 6 and 7, endless stupid dialog with music that made every stupid thing like a climax of a sort. But I was still watching, and then it came back roaring in the final episode. On the other hand it's like so much of today's TV, superheros, epic conflicts, resolution, good guys win. A cross between Lost and Ender's Game. A space adventure and the supernatural. Net-net -- it was worth it. A good distraction, I will probably watch Season 2.#

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