It's even worse than it appears..
My gods the Knicks are masters of the universe this year. #
I wish I could send ChatGPT a pointer to a page I'm working on and ask it questions about my CSS. Or imagine ChatGPT running in Node, supervising my server app, looking for problems, odd usage patterns, and later looking for optimizations. And that's just the beginning. #
Journalists who say AI is just hype are wrong. #
I saw these Sony buds advertised and I had to try them. They're now my favorite way to listen to music and podcasts. Most ear buds in my experience don't do very well with bass, and I love music with a strong beat. Sony makes great inexpensive headphones. #
I'm looking for evidence of useful federation with an open mind ready to become a believer. #
I think is going to get very interesting once the APIs for all these random social networks fill out.#
I tried the new Starbuck's chicken sandwich. It was the worst thing I've ever had. Avoid. #
Issues with earlier in the day appear to be resolved. :-)#

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