It's even worse than it appears..
Tomorrow is, of course, April 1 -- when people on the net lie about the people they hate and call it humor.#
An advantage of using an outliner to edit a blog, is that you can easily split one post into several because they're edited in one document. Or move a paragraph from one story to another with drag and drop. In a page-oriented editor, you get to focus on the writing for one page, but navigating outside that post is more jarring, a writer more easily loses the train of thought. I've been writing in an outliner almost exclusively for decades, only now considering the writing world outside. Learning a lot.#
I start a fresh outline for this blog on the first of every month, so tomorrow I will archive my blog.opml file on GitHub, start a new month, and delete the previous month. I've been doing that since 2017, when I finally forever gave up trying to interop with the great blogging silos (ie Twitter and Facebook mainly). I think outlining is like double-diamond skiing, but for writing. #
  • I asked ChatGPT to illustrate a post I wrote yesterday.#

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