It's even worse than it appears..
  • We're starting to test the blogroll software with a few users, but we hit a problem before we began. The blogroll code includes the CSS for the Bootstrap Toolkit. I use it as if it were part of the OS, but not everyone does, and it changes the global values of things. So when you install it on a page that has its own ideas how things should work, you can get an unpleasant effect (to put it mildly). So I created a localized subset of Bootstrap's styles, to be a better guest in other people's pages. That is now done. I expect we'll see more of that kind of thing. Web plugins are a new area for me. I guess that's pretty obvious. #
  • The runner from the 1984 ad is perfect. This is what she looks like. #
  • I can't stand to look at images of Trump or his followers. Fed up with it. I want our own heroes. #
  • When I see a picture of Trump, and they are impossible to avoid, I will envision a washed out picture of a dead dictator on a screen and the runner slinging the hammer at the image and it crashing. #
  • She represents life and strength. She is the America I love. #

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