It's even worse than it appears..
No no we are not supposed to have earthquakes in NY. #
Yes we're having an eclipse next week. Earthquakes often find other kinds of energy to feed on, like the one during Game 2 of the Bay Bridge series between the As and Giants in 1989. The Bay Area doesn't really get baseball. You have to pick sides. You can't root for both teams. So an earthquake knocked out the Bay Bridge and screwed up the Bay Area for quite some time to come. #
I have lived on the San Andreas and Hayward faults, was in the Valley for the Loma Prieta quake -- and I have to say this was a real earthquake. It wasn't very long, but it had a real jolt. Scared the shit out of me. I'm still very sensitive to this kind of disaster.#
Perhaps Twitter will be like Algol, as in there are algol-like languages, of which one is Algol itself. There will be a mass of twitter-like systems, of which X is one. They really should have tried to keep ownership of the trademark, another one of Musk's mistakes he's about to realize he made. Twitter really is on its way to achieving its destiny as a coral reef. More of a concept than a product.#
When I can't quickly find a good definitive page on Google for a concept, I ask ChatGPT to explain it, and if they got it right, I spawn a new page with their explanation. Just doing my part to tend the commons garden. 😄#
  • One thing Twitter is good for — getting support from your cable ISP. Spectrum’s other ways of providing support are designed to get you to give up without using too much of their employees' time. On Twitter, they pretty much always stay with it to resolution. And on Twitter, they have real people who have access to network tools, so they can see the problem from their end, and can give you a clue of what if anything you can do to fix it. #
  • I'm pretty good at bug reports, and that appears to work with the online support people they have on Twitter. If you try to chat with them or call them on the phone they read from a script which has you completely tear down and rebuild your system before they'll consider thinking about the data you have. And all this after keeping you on hold listening to their insidious advertising for 15 or more minutes. #
  • I don't think the other twitter-like systems have any critical mass with support people from ISPs. Not like Twitter.#
  • BTW, support is one place ChatGPT would excel, btw. All kinds. And I don't think too many people will lose their jobs, because their support systems are so bad because they don't hire enough people, or give them enough time with customers, or training, to actually help them very much. I know how to completely tear down the network without them instructing me how to do it. #

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