It's even worse than it appears..
I've been trying to pay my NY State income tax and estimated tax for hours. I finally managed to log in, but that doesn't help. They have all kinds of links that say click here to pay the thing you want to pay, and that just takes me to a login page where it says someone with that email address already has an account, which I knew because I'm already logged in using that account. The IRS site was a comparative breeze, even though it had its own mysteries to solve and a certain amount of luck was required to be allowed to pay my freaking taxes. I think when Reagan said the government was the problem this is one of the times he was right about that. #
  • Check out my political preamble on Tesla, X and Musk. #
  • One more disclaimer: I love my Tesla Model Y. Best car ever. I've been driving a Tesla since late 2021, and I still feel privileged to drive the car every time I do. It's the Macintosh of cars.#
  • I don't generally use FSD, even though I paid for it and have had it available all the time I've driven a Tesla.#
  • They say you should always be fully attentive when using FSD. I am always soooo ready to take over for it. I don't trust it. And I also don't feel that when I'm in white-knuckle mode when it's driving, that my reflexes are anywhere near as good as the reflexes I have when I'm driving, with fifty years of experience, and maybe a few hours of experience supervising a FSD car. I don't have a sense of how to work with it. So I err on the side of turning it off whenever I feel like even slightly scared. #
  • I also don't like roller coasters, but if I did, I'd recognize that this is different. A roller coaster is designed to give the exact same experience to every user every time. It's designed to give the impression that your life is about to end, using gravity and eyesight and all that evolution trained you to be scared of. It fools you into being scared, when you're actually safe. Every so often you read about someone dying on a rollercoaster. That probably improves the fun for thrill-seekers, and gives people like me justification for staying away. People also bungee jump knowing there's a chance the chord could break, but they know it's not going to. #
  • None of that is true for the Tesla. It's making it up as it goes along. And it definitely encounters situations it can't handle, or it misinterprets a set of obvious facts, or even worse it hallucinates just like ChatGPT.#
  • Yesterday, I was driving from Lake Katrine to Woodstock with FSD, and it was doing really well, up to a point. First I was on Route 28, a four-lane road, for about five miles, it turned onto 375 which is a curvy two-lane road. I was starting to feel slightly comfortable. Then we come up to 212, where 375 ends. A busy intersection. Traffic coming from the left and right, and many are turning onto the road I'm on. I watched in awe as FSD tried to find a way to make a left turn in this complicated situation, starting, stopping, it tried, found itself out in traffic, and got stuck there. I had enough and took over. Luckily the car waiting behind us had left a little room. I've dealt with this intersection probably a few hundred times in the last few years. I know the crazy things the other drivers do here, and I know to watch out for them. The Tesla didn't know. #

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