It's even worse than it appears..
  • Question: What's between a tiny little text box and a full-blown content management system?#
  • Answer: A full-featured text editor with a social media feel to it without the limits of twitter-like systems. #
  • That's what textcasting is for, to identity the essential features. This editor supports them. #
  • 100% built on WordPress. Why reinvent all the good stuff that's been debugged and scaled and has all that support in the world. As I like to say, one way of doing something is better than two, no matter how much better the second way is. #
  • PS: A seven-minute podcast that explains. 😄 #
  • PPS: And don't forget about the blogroll. It's part of the puzzle too.#
  • PPPS: The house was really cold when I did this recording so I walked around to try to stay warm. By the end I was pretty close to shivering out loud. I turned the heat up after I finished. #
  • The question we intend to answer. #

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