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Monday April 15, 2024; 10:53 AM EDT
  • How to add a FeedLand blogroll to a Drummer blog. #
    • You must have a Drummer blog and a FeedLand account.#
    • You can specify that all the feeds you're subscribed to are in your blogroll or use a category and only feeds in that category will be in the blogroll. #
    • The blogroll updates automatically, when one of the feeds has a new post, it goes to the top of the list.#
    • You can expand a feed to see the five most recent items. Click on the pubdate to go to the full item on the web. #
    • It supports keyboard navigation. Up and down arrows move through the list, Return to expand/collapse. #
    • We're working on WordPress plugin. #
  • Four head-level attributes in your blog.opml file. Only one required. #
    • blogrollUsername -- required#
    • blogrollServer -- optional, if not specified it's
    • blogrollCategory -- optional#
    • blogrollTitle -- optional, but you really should provide a title, otherwise we invent a silly one for you. 😄#
  • Screen shot of how the head-level attributes are set on Bull Mancuso's blog. #
  • Screen shot of the blog itself with the blogroll.#
  • A link to Bull's blogroll category on
  • A place to ask questions offer kudos, etc. 😄#
  • PS: I'm not trying to sell you on using Drummer to run a blog. Rather I needed a place to figure out how this works, so we know how to set up and document the WordPress plugin. #

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