It's even worse than it appears..
A big idea for the blogging world. I'd like to combine AI and search to make a really great search engine for bloggers. We would contribute what we know (we already do) and in return, along with everyone else, get to benefit from the collection. And when we browse, it knows which blog we write. So it has a very good idea of what we mean when we ask a question and what we already know. This is totally missing in ChatGPT and is something Google and other search engines have never been willing to do (or even understood, I guess). But this is a huge idea. I'd like to give it my blogroll too, so it knows which sources I consider credible. I love that it creates an incentive to post to your blog, and it makes working together automatic. #
John Palfrey as the mover behind Press Forward will bring the gospel of EZ Pass for News on his "ongoing whistle-stop tour" of local news orgs. JP was my boss/rabbi when I was at Berkman, and is why we got so much done there. He ran air cover for what we did, the BloggerCons, giving RSS a home, podcasting, blogs for everyone, the people and democracy. Now he's doing it for the local news business. #
EZ Pass for News is formula for functional relationships between local news pubs and people in far away places (ie not their locality) who may from time to time want to read an article or a series of articles on their site, and pay per-issue instead of buying a subscription.#
I was chatting with a friend who went to Bronx Science, as I did, and we were talking about Isaac Asimov, and I said I thought he went to Science too. So I fired up ChatGPT and asked if Asimov went to Science, and it said yes. Then I asked where he went to high school and it said Bronx Science. But by then I was pretty sure he didn't, so I went to Google and, and neither knew where he went to high school. So I asked on Twitter, Mastodon, Blue Sky and Threads. Not sure why I even care! Oh well. 😄#
I don't have time to write about it now but the end of last night's Knicks game was one of the most dramatic bits of NY sports ever. I would like to thank Kevin Durant for saying the Knicks weren't cool. It's somewhat like the Streisand Effect where the thing KD was trying to hide was that he was no longer cool. Classic projection. Obviously he was not the hot shit he thought he was in 2019. 😄#
The "largest open publishing network in the world" is the web. #

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