It's even worse than it appears..
Saturday April 27, 2024; 8:52 AM EDT
  • I was pleased to read the NYT op-ed complaining that President Biden wouldn't sit for an interview.#
  • I think they blew it when they ran so many stories quoting a DOJ lawyer explaining why he was not prosecuting Biden.#
  • "A sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory."#
  • I didn't forget they did that, as I'm sure President Biden hasn't. #
  • As I understand it, the proper DOJ procedure for not charging someone is to say nothing. You might write them a letter to tell them they don't need to prepare to defend themselves. Anything more than that puts your motives in question, and should get you fired as a DOJ attorney. I never saw a NYT article that even asked this question -- who is this person and why should we care what he thinks about Biden. #
  • And btw, is it good journalism to raise an issue of basic competence about the sitting President of the United States without a bit more background and substance? #
  • How is giving credit to such a story journalism? Sounds like trash that would run in the National Enquirer. #
  • The NYT has a lot of nerve after covering that "story" so extensively, to demand that Biden sit for an interview. Can you imagine. They'd be reviewing anything but what he said. So disrespectful of our president. And so disrespectful of the Americans who elected him. If you want to raise an issue, come prepared with some journalism to back it up. That's what we expect from the NYT, not what we got from them.#
  • PS: On the other hand, thanks to the NYT for posting this on their own website. The often used Medium in the past for statements like this. #

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